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Our vision is to build a new ballpark for Oakland at the Peralta Site.


September 12 2017

Letter to Mayor

Libby Schaaf and

Oakland City Council

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September 12 2017

Letter to the

Alameda County Board

of Supervisors

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September 12 2017

Letter to

Peralta Community

College District

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What are the Guiding Principles of this project?

  • Strengthen the Athletics organization for the long-term both on and off the field
  • Advance the educational mission of Laney College and the Peralta Community College District
  • Build a ballpark project with community input that respects and celebrates the unique culture and character of Oakland and its neighborhoods

Where will the new ballpark be located?

After a thorough review process, our vision is to build a new ballpark at the Peralta Community College District Site. We will work with the community, Laney College and the Peralta Community College District to make sure this project works for all involved stakeholders. It is imperative this project helps strengthen our organization for the long term while also advancing the educational missions of Laney College and the Peralta Community College District, and protecting the historical legacy of the nearby neighborhoods.

The site is four blocks southeast the Lake Merritt BART Station. It is a pleasant walk from Lake Merritt and downtown Oakland. The site currently includes commercial warehouses, parking lots, and administrative offices for the Peralta Community College District.

Please see our timeline

Why did you select this location?

Our goal is to create the best ballpark experience for our fans, players, and community. Some of the most beloved ballparks in the league are integrated in a vibrant walkable urban environment, and we hope to achieve this in Oakland. We want our new venue to deepen our tie to Oakland.

We've spent the last year listening and engaging countless members of our community and know Peralta is the best location.

  • Walkability and Transportation - The Peralta site offers the best public transportation options in close proximity to downtown, including BART, AC Transit, convenient access to several freeways, and walkability and bikeability from downtown Oakland and surrounding communities. We expect that more than half of game attendees will arrive via public transportation, up from only 20 percent currently at the Coliseum.
  • Weather - The weather at Peralta will provide the warmest afternoons and early evenings of any of the three site options - and likely the nicest weather of any venue setting in the Bay Area - creating a great experience for our fans.
  • Neighborhood - This location will allow the A's to integrate with and add to a vibrant urban neighborhood around the ballpark, with new housing - including new affordable housing - open space and small business retail.
  • Views - Lake Merritt offers some of the best views of the Oakland skyline, along with sweeping views of the Oakland hills. Our new ballpark will share these same views with fans and Oakland visitors at every game.

What will the new ballpark look like?

Two goals for the ballpark design are intimacy for fans and authenticity for Oakland. The design work is just beginning. You will have substantial opportunities to share ideas with our team.

How will the new ballpark be funded?

The new ballpark will be 100% privately financed.

What will the ballpark cost?

It is too early to say, but other new ballparks completed in recent years have cost in the many hundreds of millions of dollars.

How will the infrastructure improvements in the surrounding area be funded?

We will work with city and county to develop a plan for infrastructure needed to accommodate a ballpark and surrounding related development.

When will the new ballpark open?

Opening Day 2023.

Please see our timeline

Why is it going to take so long for the new ballpark to open?

We are committed to opening the new ballpark as soon as possible, and it is equally important that we take the time to have a thoughtful, inclusive and thorough dialogue with all stakeholders for this project. Our process is:

  • One year: Engage in a robust community process to ensure this projects fits in the neighborhood and celebrates Oakland's distinct and diverse cultures and history.
  • Two years: Begin permitting process, environmental approval and finalize ballpark design
  • 2021: Break ground
  • 2023: Open ballpark

Please see our timeline

How will fans get to the new ballpark?

Accessibility and transportation were primary factors in our decision. This site has convenient access from BART, AC Transit, other forms of public transportation, and Interstate 880. The Peralta site is a short walk from the Lake Merritt BART station, the 12th Street BART station and will be accessible by AC Transit stops planned for just a few blocks away. It is also walkable from downtown Oakland and Jack London Square, where Amtrak and the ferry are located.

With such convenient access, and more than half of attendees not needing to drive, we expect that games at the new ballpark will take as many as 3,000 to 4,000 cars off the road per game.

To ensure that we create the most convenient experience possible, we have formed a working group with the City of Oakland, BART, AC Transit, and the Alameda County Transportation Commission to build a comprehensive transportation plan.

How will Oakland benefit?

Oakland has been our home for 50 years. This plan will strengthen our tie to Oakland, and bring economic benefits to the community. The Bay Area Council Economic Institute has studied the economic impact a new ballpark could have on Oakland. The report determined:

  • Oakland residents and businesses are projected to reap approximately $3 billion in economic benefits over the first 10 years from the construction and operation of a new privately financed ballpark.
  • The ballpark is expected to create 2,000 construction jobs, many of which will go to local workers and businesses.

Much of this economic impact will directly benefit local Oakland small businesses and Oakland's working families through increase job opportunities that pay living wages.

You can read more about our economic impact reports here.

How will the surrounding neighborhood near the Peralta ballpark benefit?

The Peralta site is itself a collection of administration buildings, a parking lot and some commercial warehouses. Laney College is immediately adjacent to the site and the Eastlake neighborhood is within a few blocks. Further afoot, but within walking distance, are Oakland Chinatown, downtown and Lake Merritt.

We will work with urban planners to assist with the site planning process and ensure that we develop a project that is based largely on community input and works for the community. This will include new housing, including affordable housing, new space for small businesses and restaurants, public gathering spaces, parks and commercial real estate. We welcome and encourage your participation in this process.

How are you making sure the current residents can stay in the area and benefit from the project as the home values and rents rise in this area?

We are working with the Oakland City Council on a framework for interim short-term development controls to help mitigate any impacts from the site announcement. These controls could include historical preservation measures, increased rent control protections and other policies to help current residents stay in the area. In addition, any housing built in connection with this project will include significant affordable housing designed to provide homes for current residents so they can continue to live in their neighborhood.

Will there be community benefits?

Yes, the project will include a strong community benefits plan developed in conjunction with the local stakeholders and the community at large.

Will the project include affordable housing?

Oakland has a housing crisis and we hope to be part of the solution. The project will include a robust housing plan, including affordable housing, for both the Peralta and Coliseum sites. It may also include teacher and student housing options to support Laney College.

What will happen to Laney College?

Our goal is to advance the educational missions of Laney College and the Peralta Community College District. We are working in partnership with Laney College and the Peralta Community College District to explore:

  • Improvements to classrooms and the campus
  • Strengthening operations
  • Workforce development and job placement programs

What are your plans around workforce development?

We have begun plans to create workforce development and job placement programs in partnership with Laney College that will help students learn skills and gain employment in fields ranging from culinary arts to security, digital media and graphic design, and architecture and construction.

What about the Laney College athletic fields?

Our goal is to advance Laney College's educational mission, and this includes maintaining or improving the quality of the athletic facilities. We will work with Peralta to find the best location for their offices.

Will Chinatown and Eastlake be impacted by this project?

Yes. This project will bring change to Oakland. But change can be positive - if done right. We plan to spend a full year working directly with the community to build a project that enhances local cultural legacies, protects long term residents and celebrates the wonderful diversity of Chinatown, Eastlake and Oakland's many other neighborhoods.

What will happen to the Oakland Coliseum?

The redevelopment of the Coliseum is part of our overall strategic plan and we will work with the City of Oakland and Alameda County on the re-uses for this site. We have carefully studied redevelopment opportunities for the Coliseum site. While it is a large piece of property, it is also six miles from downtown Oakland. Based on the nature and rate of development that is occurring downtown, we believe that the construction of a regional sports complex will best serve Oakland and the Bay Area as an initial anchor redevelopment project for the Coliseum site.

We plan to help create a regional sports complex, to include a recreational multi-use sports complex and an Urban Youth Academy for baseball and soccer. The new sports complex will be part of a broader public-private partnership between the A's and various agencies. The proposed plan includes substantial new housing options - including affordable housing - as well as a skills center, community gathering space, hotel, and office and retail development. This type of project will ultimately help the Coliseum site realize its full potential for the residents of Oakland for the long-term.

Why do you need a new ballpark?

A new facility is necessary to compete at the top level for the long-term, and we want our fans and Oakland to have a state-of-the-art venue. With a new ballpark, we will be able to retain our players and build a more competitive team to bring Oakland championship-caliber baseball.

Recognizing the timeline for this project, we have invested more than $4 million in renovations to the Oakland Coliseum this season and will continue to make substantial improvements to the Coliseum as long as it is our home.

This plan can bring economic activity to Oakland and add to the vibrant urban community that already exists in Oakland. Read more about the economic impact here.

How can I provide my input?

We are continuing the community engagement process and have a number of community town hall events being planned, dates to be announced soon. We will have numerous opportunities for our fans and the community to contribute and participate in this process. Please provide input to

How do I secure a seat in the new ballpark?

Seating priority will be given to A's Season Ticket Members based on tenure and membership level. For more information on becoming a Season Ticket Member visit

With questions or comments on the new ballpark, please email